These comments are transcribed directly from the notebooks left in each apartment


We had a marvelous time here in Paris! Your place is great - very comfortable and has everything one could need - all the comforts of home. Actually didn't spend a ton of time in the apartment or neighborhood - always on the go!  We spent many an hour in museums, cafes and stops across Paris - lots of walking. Some of our favorites: Musée Marmetton, Pompidou Museum, view from atop the Samaritan department store (closed for renovation), Musée Rodin... On your suggestion, we ate at the Four Brothers our first night - so tasty and so reasonable! (moved) For our 'bon voyage' dinner, we went to Le C'amelot (50 rue Amelot, 75011) - highly recommend it if you haven't been: very coy, personal service and great food - set menu of four courses for €33 - fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing your Paris home. Elise Chowdhry

We had a great time in Paris!!! Your apartment is a wonderful place to discover it - thank you! Diana & Sebastian

Visiting Paris again has been as interesting as we of course expected. Needless to say we enjoyed our short time together in your apartment. John & Peg McNamara

We had a fascinating and fabulous time in Paris and your apartment served as the perfect base for us. With our weekly metro pass (purchased at a machine in any metro station) we were able to take in 95% of Paris.

Fortunately we were also able to enjoy the flavor of the 11th arrondissement, experiencing the boulangerie around the corner, the wonderful La Courtille restaurant (new owners, new name) and the Franprix for shopping. One of the guide books in the apartment, "Cheap Eats" was invaluable. A couple of note, if going to Musée d'Orsay, make sure to take a 1.5 hour break to eat at the Aux Ducs de Bourgogne at 30 Rue de Bourgogne.

If going to Montmartre, stray off the walking tour and visit Rendez-vous des Chauffeurs at 11 rue de Portes Blanches. It's off the beaten path a bit, but the food is good, the price is low and the waiters speak English (and five other languages).

For a good meal near the apartment hit Au Trou Normand at 9 Rue de J.P. Timbaud. Again, thanks for the apartment. We wish you the best of luck here in France. God bless, Brandon & Angela.

Thank you. A fantastic location & very comfortable apartment. Tess Hill. 

We've had a great 2 weeks in Paris - the apartment was perfect and the neighbourhood very friendly, good fun and interesting. Be sure to look us up if you're passing through Melbourne. Jacqui & Curtis.

This is a great apartment for resting and recovering from a serious day's sightseeing!! Don't forget there are 3 Metro stations in close walking distance - Menilmontant (Line 2), turn left along Rue des Bluets and left again; - Rue Saint Maur (Line 3) turn right along Rue des Bluets and it is at the end of the road; - and Pere Lachaise (Line 2 & 3) left along Rue des Bluets and right down Boulevard Menilmontant. To all, have a fabulous time in Paris. We did!!! Paula, Phil, Cassi and Jack from Dundee, Scotland.

In spite of the taxi-driver - very expensive and booked from the train - who dropped us at "27 Rue Bleu" and sped off with his dog in the front seat before we realised the error, and no croissants from Mme Zemouri because they were closed the month of August, we nevertheless enjoyed our stay in your apartment and found it a very comfortable and convenient "home" to come to at the end of each of our very full seven days in Paris. Adrienne & Christopher, Adelaide, Australia. 

Thank you! It was like 50 years ago - being in a "Love nest". We really enjoyed the studio, the patio especially. Maryla & George Galland

Thank you so much for letting us use this wonderful apartment. Sadly we must leave our home here for our home back in Calgary.

If you like to walk, try Rue de la Rocquette towards Bastille. The atmosphere is great and there are restaurants of every type. We particularly enjoyed the sushi. When taking the Métro home we tried to hook up with the #3 and get off at St Maur. Get on at the head of the train. The escalator up to street level after a long day walking is very welcome.

Again, we can't express how much we appreciated this apartment and the wonderful patio. Heather Ruggeri & Mike Mitchell

What a super first trip I've had to Paris. I didn't see as much of the city as I would have liked because I was at the Stade de France every day. I shall return. It was easy to get to the Stade on the Métro from Menilmontant station. Only 1 transfer at Place de Clichy to the #13 line. Purchased an "Orange" card for the week and rode the Métro very easily.

Actually it was very easy to travel anywhere from the studio on Métro. It is very centrally located. The neighborhood is colorful and interesting. Rue des Bluets is very well lit at night and I was never afraid. Also very quiet. You're right about the "mind blowing technological experience" with your Dyson vacuum cleaner. Just finding the cord took me awhile. It looks like the tank needs emptying. I'll let you figure that one out :-) I replaced a bulb in the bathroom which has great light for putting on makeup. Only a female guest will appreciate that! In fact the lighting is great all over the studio.

I used "Airport Connection" for my transportation to and from Charles de Gaulle - door to door shuttle service. Great. Phone 01.4418.3602.

I loved all the reference books. Couldn't figure out how to use the DVD but didn't have much time to watch it anyway. Thank you again for sharing your charming studio with me. It has all the comforts of home. Good luck to all who visit after me. I'm sure they will have a great vacation. Hasta Luego. Marisa Delgado

We want to thank you for all your help. Your apartment is extremely cozy and comfortable. The neighborhood is fantastic, with everything handy. Our stay in Paris has been so enjoyable. Please give us a call when you arrive in Madeira. Thanks once again, Marco & Sandra. 

Enjoyed our stay immensely, your apartment so central (mastered the Metro in one day!) caught the Fri street market, that supplied us with baguettes, cheese and sausage for our lunches on the run.  So much to see, so little time!  Multicultural Menilmontant reminds us a little of Brunswick, Melbourne.  After a few days, the apt really starts to feel like home, and to think that I stumbled across it by accident whilst surfing wine websites! (thanks to !). Best Wishes, Ian McPhail + Mary Read, Melbourne, Australia 

Thanks for a lovely little haven on our first trip to Paris. As novices to this part of the world we found it most convenient for all things. Thanks for all the tips and advice. Kirsten Short, Dundee, South Africa

What a great location for exploring Paris. We've seen so much in the past week, but some sights stand out, like Sacre Coeur, Musée D'Orsay and Sainte Chapelle. Walking into the upper story of that church literally takes one's breath away. We found the 5-day pass for metro/bus absolutely invaluable - the trains are so punctual & frequent. We've eaten oodles of croissants & drunk several bottles of French wine, we ate at the Quatre Frères and, although we couldn't understand the waiter, he was so friendly and the food was great. Thank you for all the very clear instructions you left, Bill, they removed a great deal of stress from our week. We hope to return one day and see all the wonders we've missed. Robyn & Ron Watts, Tasmania, Australia. 

I've had a wonderful month at 27 rue des Bluets and the time to go home has come much too soon! I'm really looking forward to my visit in February with my two oldest grandsons. We had all sorts of company for a week each: our son and daughter-in-law from California, our French friends from a small village near Nantes and an English family with 3 children. Everyone loved the apartments and the location (and the Quatres Freres)! The two apartments are super for being together and yet having lots of privacy. See you in February. Sandy Acker, Willow Grove, PA. 

We have enjoyed our first stay in your wonderful apartment and for having it in such a lovely location we say THANKS! May we recommend 'Le Train Bleu' at Gare du Lyon, the food, service and surrounds are worth every single euro. We expect to be back in the future. Ken & Peggy Dalziel, Pays de Galles (Wales).

We had a great time here. The weather was better than expected, and we've been able to visit all the sites. After some trials and errors, we've found that the best restaurants are actually around here (good food and reasonable price). The 4 Freres" was very good, as was the "Boulangerie". Even the bar "Le Tais" had pretty good mussels and fries (for only €5). All in all we had a great time and just want to say thanks. On-kit Chow, San Jose, CA. 

We had a very cosy and wonderful week in the apt and in Paris. No weather to use the patio however so we hope to come back some day with sunshine. Suggestions/tips:

* A Sunday afternoon tea on Trocadero and watch the new haircuts of true ladies of Paris
* Diner at Allards, a bistro on Rue André des Arts, close to Metro St. Michel (but not before 20:30)
* If you need 'baguette cereal' the other bakery on the St Maur side has some!
* Skip the blinis at Jo Goldenberg; you can bet better ones elsewhere!
Cheers! Rob & Wilma, Netherlands

We have had a fantastic time in Paris. The studio was very cozy and in a good location. Next time we will be back in summer as this time of year is way too cold! Too cold to appreciate and see all the wonderful sights and make good use of the veranda. “La Boulangerie” restaurant up the road was a good suggestion by all as the food was great and the people friendly. Thanks again. Mark & Sandra, Orange NSW, Australia. 

Thank you so much for such a cosy, convenient and helpful (the books) apartment. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here & exploring Paris. We hope to be back and will certainly spread the word about renting your apartments to our friends.

A tip for those staying in winter – if it snows (as it did here on New Year’s Day) walk up to Père Lachaise Cemetery. Whilst the snow melts in the streets it doesn’t in the cemetery – it builds up and becomes the most beautiful winter wonderland (and only ten minutes walk away.) Thank you again & and wishing you both a happy and safe 2004. Julie-Ann & John Zajac, Sydney, Australia. 

Dear Bill. Wonderful! Jim & Stephanie, Toronto.

Thank you for the fantastic apartment. Lauren and I had a fabulous time and look forward to returning to Paris sometime in the near future. All the best, Lisa, Canberra, Australia. 

Once again I had a wonderful time staying in your apartments. I’m so glad we were able to have both! With two teenage grandsons, the space and privacy was very welcome. Thanks for leaving the vases – I enjoyed some beautiful yellow roses for the 5 days we were here. I found the studio very cosy and warm and it heats up in minutes, as you said. I just opened the bathroom door when I turned the heat up in the morning and it warmed up before my shower (not very French, I know). The boys enjoyed the DVDs in English and watched one every evening, as we were usually home by 9 or 10. The foam chairs are really good for movie viewing. I hope to see you in October again. Best wishes, Sandy, Philadelphia, PA. 

(Addendum – see note in other book) I really enjoyed the postcards of Reuilly. It was nice to see your B&B and a little of the champagne region. Next October we may take the Paris apartment for a week or two and then travel around France for 2 or 3 weeks by car. It might be nice to visit you at the B&B. Our French teacher is selling up everything in Phila and returning to France to run a B&B in a tiny village in the Rhone-Alps. (BTW I like the new tables and lamps in the apartment.) Sandy

As work colleagues who needed space to work together but didn't want to share an apartment, renting the studio and the apartment was the perfect solution. We were both very happy with the arrangements, and found all was wonderful. I particularly appreciated the comfortable bed and pillows in the studio.....and loved the privacy of the little garden. michelle lizieri

There are more comments but I haven't typed them in yet. One of these days! Bill