About us

Meredith Sykes and I own both the Paris apartments described here as well as our Bed and Breakfast of the Champagne Route. In Tripadvisor.com we are known as Champagne B&B. We live most of the time at the B&B an hour east of Paris, surrounded by vineyards and forest. 


As for this site you wouldn't believe how many web sites incorporate "Paris Apartments" in the title. "Bills" makes it unique and fairly short. 


Meredith is also known as Margaret when hiking the Camino to St Jacques de Compostelo across northern Spain. Her principal site for that is All My Caminos. Six times she has walked the thousand kilometers (650 miles) of this medieval pilgrimage route from the French border to Santiago in northern Spain, usually in winter. This link is essential reading if you or anyone you know is thinking of doing this renowned walk.


I also do photography, sometimes professionally, but always for fun. I favor spontaneity in portraiture and people pictures but be forewarned that some of the galleries may not be suitable for young eyes.