Welcome to our Paris Apartments !

We now make available our two personal apartments in Paris. Often guests to the Champagne B&B split their holiday and spend time in Paris at one of our apartments. See Overview tab but here is the brief version.

  • They are easily accessible in the 11th arrondissement of central Paris (Bastille, Père Lachaise...) by Métro, bus, bicycle and walking. They are one flight up at 27 rue des Bluets, Paris 11.
  • The studio is suitable for two persons. A key feature is its private planted patio. 
  • The two bedroom apartment communicates by sound proofed doors with the studio. The apartment is suitable for up to four persons, two in the double bed in the far room, and two in folding chair beds in the living room. This apartment has a view on the Rue des Bluets by three large windows.
  • The two apartments can be combined via the communicating doors to make one large apartment for 6 persons with two toilet/shower facilities and two kitchens. 

Common to both apartments are:

  • Air conditioning, rare in Paris rentals at the rates we offer.
  • Equipped kitchens with an induction stove top, fridge/freezer, microwave oven, toaster, stove top espresso coffee maker, water boiler.
  • Washer/dryer in each apartment although we prefer to provide fresh linens every 7-10 days as part of the rental price. An iron is included. Also hair dryer and vacuum cleaner.
  • Free high speed Wi-Fi for streaming films on your own tablet or computer.
  • Free telephoning to 100 plus principal countries (see list at free.fr)